Sudbury Extended Day

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Schedule Changes

Parents wishing to change their child(ren)’s schedule should complete a Schedule Change Form with the $45 schedule change fee.

Forms are available on our website and at the office, and eventually all schedule changes will be processed online via FormConnect.  Completed and signed forms should be returned to the office.  Confirmation of the change will be sent via email.  Please note it takes 3 business days to process a schedule change request.

Families may change their child(ren)’s schedule effective in January.  A schedule change(s) can be processed starting on October 1, but the effective date will be no earlier than January.  Accounts will be charged a fee of $45 per change, per child.

  • There can be no schedule changes from the receipt of the signed contract/deposit through December.
  • Schedule changes can be requested as of October 1st, but will not go into effect until January 1st.



Withdrawal from the Program

Parents who wish to withdraw their child from the program must give thirty (30) days’ notice in writing of their intention to do so.  During this 30-day period, the parents remain responsible for the monthly tuition.  Withdrawing from SED during the program year will result in a $250 withdrawal fee.




Our mission

The mission of Sudbury Extended Day is to provide the children of working parents with nurturing before and after school programs that offer diverse opportunities for enrichment, exploration, and the development of social skills.

Sudbury Extended Day operates under license from and supervision by the Department of Early Education and Care of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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