Sudbury Extended Day

(978) 443-5829

Search Fees

If your child is to be absent on a particular day for any reason, or is sent home sick from school, you must notify the SED staff by 1:30 p.m. that day.

Please do not call your child’s public school office to report an absence from the SED program.  SED is independent of the school system and consequently is not necessarily informed of any information given to the school.  SED is not responsible for your child until s/he has arrived at SED.  Unless we are notified of your child’s absence, your child will be considered missing if s/he does not arrive at SED at the appropriate time.  An Emergency Missing Child Plan will be implemented.  Every effort will be made to locate your child including calling parent(s) on cell or at work, calling your emergency contacts, driving to your home, and contacting the local authorities.

Here is the list of phones and emails for your reference:

Office                          978-443-5829   

Curtis                          978-443-6964   

First Parish                 978-443-5829   

Haynes                        978-443-7934   

Loring                         978-443-4167   

Nixon                          978-440-9757   

Noyes                          978-443-9282   

SED imposes search fees if the Missing Child Plan needs to be implemented.  The search fee is $25 for the first instance and $50 for each instance thereafter.

When a child is registered with Sudbury Public Schools, parents complete a “Transportation Form.”  This form is where parents communicate to the school that a child is expected at SED on certain days.  Please be sure that the Transportation Form is correct, and that if you make any schedule changes, these changes are reflected in an update Transportation Form.  Keep a copy of the form for your records.



Our mission

The mission of Sudbury Extended Day is to provide the children of working parents with nurturing before and after school programs that offer diverse opportunities for enrichment, exploration, and the development of social skills.

Sudbury Extended Day operates under license from and supervision by the Department of Early Education and Care of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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