Sudbury Extended Day

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We do not allow children to use personal electronics devices at SED. We believe that the social interaction and physical play that is the hallmark of the SED program is compromised when children choose their screens over group participation. With permission, a student may used their personal phone briefly to contact a parent.  In addition, students may use the SED phone if they need to make a phone call.  Students are asked to leave their devices in their backpacks while at SED.

Middle school students are allowed to use their Chromebooks during homework time, in accordance with the current electronics policy in the Curtis SED Handbook.  In addition, middle school students may bring their personal devices to a holiday or vacation program.

Our mission

The mission of Sudbury Extended Day is to provide the children of working parents with nurturing before and after school programs that offer diverse opportunities for enrichment, exploration, and the development of social skills.

Sudbury Extended Day operates under license from and supervision by the Department of Early Education and Care of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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