Lori Lafayette is the Site Coordinator at the Haynes SED program. She majored in English and education at Franklin Pierce College. Ms. Lafayette has worked at SED for over 10 years and loves it!

The program is held in the school cafeteria, as well as the gym, and outside in the new and amazing playground. We try to spend time outside everyday if the weather permits. Our students love the large open field, playing basketball, football, soccer, and kickball, as well as using the swings and structures. We welcome kids to go outside to just relax and enjoy the sunshine too.

We enjoy doing different crafts and activities every day. We have a large collection of board games, toys, puzzles, books and craft supplies. Students are encouraged to work with teachers on stocking new toys for everyone to play with as well as making request for crafts; kids are even invited to run an activity themselves.

We have been working on bringing more STEAM ideas into the program including literature clubs, math activities, fun with science, and music activities.

Janaine Dustin, our Assistant Site Coordinator, loves providing a great variety of healthy snacks along with the occasional treat. She asks the kids for ideas on what kind of snacks they would like to try. She also enjoys presenting snacks from different cultures for some new ideas and expanding our world view.

We strive to be a great place for children to come to have fun, play, relax, and practice the skills they’ve learned in school in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Haynes Elementary School
169 Haynes Road, Sudbury
(978) 443-7934

Did you know?

  • There are 570+ children in our programs.
  • There are 50 students enrolled in the middle school program in grades 6-8.
  • We employ 70 staff members both part- and full-time.
  • Our average teacher tenure is 11 years – a testament to the strength of our organization. Our teachers love their pivotal role in helping shape the social and emotional lives of Sudbury’s children!

SED Contact Information

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Main office:

327 Concord Road

P.O. Box 696, Sudbury


Fax: 978-440-8361
Email: director@sudburyextendedday.org

Remote Learning Center: 978-443-5829
Nixon: 978-440-9757


Noyes: 978-443-9282


Haynes: 978-443-7934


Loring: 978-443-4167


Curtis: 978-443-6964


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