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Cate Dill is the Site Coordinator at the Curtis Middle School. Cate has her bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Sports Management and Fitness.

The students enjoy many various activities (based on the student’s interest) at Curtis. The program is held in the cafeteria, and the students have access to the gym, outdoors, and library. Homework time is mandatory at Curtis and our staff is available to help the students. Special travel days included Cashunt (a treasure hunt on the streets of Boston), 5 Witts, Roller kingdom, and a visit to Patriots stadium.

Curtis Middle School
22 Pratts Mill Road, Sudbury
(978) 443-6964

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Main office: 978-443-5829
Fax: 978-440-8361

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Nixon: 978-440-9757

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Curtis: 978-443-6964

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