Sudbury Extended Day

4-Jul-2017 (Tue) - Independence Day

(978) 443-5829

Administration & Holiday

The administration office is located at 327 Concord Road, Sudbury (First Parish or Kindergarten Center). Our office is open every day from 8:00 – 6:15. Suzie Kornblum is the Director, Rhona Jarmulowicz, works as the Assistant Director, and Noreen Behrens is the Office Manager. We can be easily reached at 978-443-5829, or email us at

Holiday programs are run through the office. We will have programs for all the school vacation weeks.

The programs are held at the Loring or Noyes School. Holiday programs open at 7:15 and close at 6:00 p.m. (Please note the change in time). We generally travel on Holidays, followed by playground or special art programs. Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Families are encouraged to apply early if they need coverage since we have had many programs sell out in the past. Please consult the SED calendar on this web site for more information concerning holiday programs.


SED Contact Information

Main office: 978-443-5829
Fax: 978-440-8361

Kindergarten: 978-443-5829
Nixon: 978-440-9757
Noyes: 978-443-9282
Haynes: 978-443-7934
Loring: 978-443-4167
Curtis: 978-443-6964
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